About Twisted Hangers

A hanger is not a just a piece of wood with a hook at the top to hang your clothes. It is a prop that accentuates the beauty of your wedding gown. It can be the most memorable keepsake of your wedding or the right accessory to showcase your bundle of joy’s dress. A hanger can tell a lot about your taste and personality. Uniquely hand crafted and embellished with flowers, satin ribbons and pearls, a personalized wedding hangers may become the best gift idea for your bride or bridal party.


At Twisted Hangers, we design personalized wedding hangers. So much can be done to your customize your hanger. We experiment with wire and decorative materials to create unique hangers that suit your gown and wedding style, or even any other occasion. Each hanger has a story to tell and you can rest assured you’re your very own will look stunning.


Get The Complete Wedding Gown Look

Just give your specification and we will hand craft hangers that are most suitable for showing your dresses in style. Our handmade personalized wedding hangers are the best prop for your wedding dress. As you know, the wedding gown is on top of the ‘must have’ photo list! They also make a great gift for your bridal party, one that can be used time and time again.

Personalized Wedding Hangers

We know that you prefer to have your own unique style so we offer full customization on our hangers. You can choose your own hanger color, wire color, flower or bow color and wording to be used. If you want, we will use other materials to embellish them. We also create glittered hangers and painted hangers as per the choice of our customers.
We specialize in personalized wedding hangers and take care that the hangers can carry heavy dresses. We also take orders to create hangers for other purposes like mother’s day and even for the little ones at their baby shower.
View our gallery to know how we can customize hangers for you. if you have any questions or creative ideas to share, email us or give us a call.

We will create hangers for you with love and affection, just like the way you select your dresses. Rely on us to make the most special occasion of your life, extra special with our touch of love and expertise.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to place an order or if you have any questions.
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