Bridal Party Gifts

Bridal Party Gifts

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Getting married is such a beautiful experience, but it can be a stressful time too. That’s why we rely so much on our best friends to help us get through all the planning, and why we reward them with being a bridesmaid. I’ve compiled a top ten list of the best bridal party gifts to say thank you to your besties for all of their love and friendship.

Because where would be without those cookie dough ice cream and white wine nights in college? Maybe we wouldn’t have gained those freshman 15, but hey, who remembers anyway? 😉 Definitely not your bff!

bridal party gifts

10. A pre-wedding mani/pedi for the whole bridal party makes an awesome gift! It offers the chance for all of you to bond pre ceremony.



9. Drinks with the girls can be a great way to break the ice in case some of them haven’t met each other, besides who doesn’t love champagne?



8. It can sometimes be customary for all the girls to receive a small piece of jewelry so they can all keep the day close to them.


tanks27. How about some Bridal Team Spirit?! Sometimes it can help create new friendships between your best gal pals when they feel like they’re in on it together. Hey, why do sports teams wear uniforms? Spirit. 🙂

6. A hand written card or letter is a beautiful gesture of thanks to your bffl for all that she’s done. Make it personal, be sure to include all the sordid details of the bachelorette party and her admiration of the entertainment. 😉

5. The invitation to the bachelorette party can be a fun way to say thank you for being a part of your bridal party.

4. Goodie bags! Put all of the best things in them: a new nail polish [you can even make it the one you all wear on your big day!], chocolate, a mini champagne, you can even throw in the Personalized Bridal Party Tank.

3. A weekend get away. This one is pretty extravagant but it definitely makes the top ten list of bridal party gifts. Nothing says you’re my sister like a vacation.

2. A Personalized Hanger, giving her something with her name on it that she can hang a favorite dress on forever is a sweet gesture.

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1. The best gift of all is just being a part of the bridal party. <3

Bridal Party Gifts